Candy Claws - Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time (SPECIAL EDITION LP - WHITE VINYL)


Special edition repress of "Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time," the landmark third album by psych-shoegazers Candy Claws. This version is pressed on beautiful white vinyl and includes an exclusive poster print featuring new artwork by Ryan Hover and a new poem by lyricist Jenn Morea. Six and 66 million years later, join Ceres and Calypso as they journey once more into that land of danger and love, that soundscape of your deepest dreams.


“Sounds like pretty much nothing else that's resulted in 20+ years of Loveless worship.” - Pitchfork
“Ceres & Calypso is the kind of album you wish you could get lost in” – Consequence of Sound
“#3 Shoegaze Album of All Time” – Far Out Magazine

On their fourth full-length album - third for Twosyllable - Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time, Fort Collins creative collective Candy Claws delve deep into new territory. The subject for the concept of this album goes beyond place and time and takes the listener on a Journey Through the Mesozoic Era. The album is divided into three parts highlighting major periods of the extinct reptiles' history, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Experience it in one sitting and the story will unfold before you like a theatrical play, grandiose at times and playful at others.

The songs span wildly diverse genres from sprawling cinematic overtures to Spaghetti Western sing-a-longs, tumultuous Tangos to classic Canterbury Scene psychedelia which somehow all feel so singularly Candy Claws. Certainly in part due to what we've come to expect... Beneath the sometimes-hazy shoegazed pastiche is a foundation of clever, catchy and expert songwriting.

As usual, relying heavily on collaboration, co-bandleaders Ryan Hover, Kay Bertholf--and relative newcomer--Karen McCormick relied on the poems of Chicagoan Jenn Morea for each of the song's lyrics. The titles of each track start with the poem title and are followed by the title of the piece of music scored to it. In addition, New York City composers Trevor Gureckis and Bryan Senti provided an orchestral accompaniment on “Into The Deep Time”, “Fell In Love”, “New Forest”, “Charade”, “Birth Of The Flower”, and “Night Ela”. Each meticulously composed element, comprised entirely of samples from Philip Glass' sample library, merges seamlessly morphing Candy Claws’ already grandiose sound to another level.

Whether you love the incredible attention to detail of Candy Claws' inventive conceptual art, or you just love the music, Ceres & The Calypso In The Deep Time is an impressive accomplishment to be relished.

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