Narrow Shoulders - Now Be Here (Cassette + Zine)

Image of Narrow Shoulders - Now Be Here (Cassette + Zine)


Narrow Shoulders' debut, Now Be Here, is a collection of concise, methodical and spare meditations on familiar quotidian scenarios and the, perhaps, surprisingly complex emotions associated with each. Each soundscape explores our intimate relationship with nature and the constant struggle to be present in it. Whether one wakes to "Rain on a Saturday Morning", is allowed a "Day Off" from work, or takes a restorative hike "Atop Anthony's Nose", past and future always tug at our mental fabric, threatening to rip the rug from under us.

Ltd ed SUPER FERRIC Ferromaster C456 cassette and 4-sided Michael Correy-designed 11x17 collated poster zine featuring Zach Pollakoff's photography from India and New York.